“What was there” project: More geocoded old photographs

While the news on Historypin is still fresh, the next project made its way onto my radar. Like Historypin, the “What was there” project crowdsources photos from times past and has them geocoded by users/contributors a.k.a. produsers.

Paris in WWII in "What was there"

You can browse the collection on their website or using their mobile app – provided you’re living in the iRealm. (Also Historypin let’s you access their image collection from handhelds, both from the iRealm as well as Androidland)

In a quick test Historypin’s Street View integration seemed more sophisticated and more accurate. On the other hand, the What was there website is behaving more considerate around my netbook’s limited resources.

Finally, unlike Historypin, What was there is built and maintained by a for-profit company. So, if you think about contributing your grandma’s treasure of b/w imagery, you may want to take this into consideration.

(via Engadget)


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