On poorly designed infographics


made me chuckle.

There is indeed a plethora of badly designed infographics out there (often these bad specimens are images 300 px wide and 3000 px high). Honestly, I have my doubts about this format anyway: e.g. I think infographics often don’t give enough context to the statistics they depict to do a topic justice. Rather they go for spectacular numbers. When these come along in a too isolated manner, they may still manage to impress, but they lose their informative value. To make things worse, infographics are sometimes created as link bait in an SEO strategy.

I wonder: Is there or will there ever be an infographic about the rise and demise of infographics on the web? – Infographics in an eternal loop.

Brain. Hurts. Must. Stop. Now.

(via Yes Machine)


3 thoughts on “On poorly designed infographics

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