Interactive ZIPScribble Maps

I have made various ZIPScribble Maps – Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy – as well as a two-part tutorial on how to produce them using Geonames data, TileMill basemaps and Processing as visualization environment.

Visurus: ZIPScribble Map Italy Level 3, alla Italiana

Those were inspired by the original ZIPScribble Maps by Robert Kosara. He’s back with an interactive version of many ZIPScribble Maps (interactive in this context meaning that you can pan and zoom the map).

Robert Kosara: Interactive ZIPScribble Maps of various countries

Unlike the earlier, non-interactive version, the new maps are built using Polymaps and employ Geonames datasets like my ZIPScribble Maps. In the case of Switzerland the latter improves the quality of the map considerably. Like in the earlier versions, the interactive maps can also be coloured by state or administrative region. Thus, these ZIPScribble maps deviate from other implementations (including mine) which use the actual post codes to colour the ZIPScribbles (and in that way try to elucidate the numerical pattern of post codes of a country).


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