Where was I?

I acknowledge, it’s been rather quiet in these regions of the web. Why, you ask?

I have been rather busy with a sort-of spinoff project I pursue with two friends. After having published about the Twitter network of journalists here, here and here, I directed my interest towards politicians. With two friends, Tom Wider and Filip Zirin, I started SoMePolis.ch:

If you haven’t clicked through yet: SoMePolis aims to investigate the social media usage of members of the Swiss parliament. Swiss parliament has two chambers: the national chamber with 200 members and the chamber of states with 46 members. So, in total there are 246 potential Social Media users. On Twitter we have so far found 62 accounts which seem credibly enough to belong to Swiss MPs.

Our first few posts have found a very interested audience, one of the big newspapers picked our story up as well as a regional radio station.

If you’re interested in our results (and we will keep publishing more), this post is a good start (though, in German) or this post if you excel more at French. Or you can follow the project on Twitter.

The Twitter network of Swiss MPs


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