Skobbler’s OSM map

Skobbler produces apps and maps based on OpenStreetMap (OSM) data. Under they’ve released an OSM-based map. I’ve always had mixed feelings about how OSM presented their map online. While I like the project very much and on and off use OSM data in my projects, I don’t like many things about the visual style both of the map and the website used to present it.

I like the sleek interface of Skobbler’s OSM map, however:

Functionality-wise the Skobbler map offers their own map style as well as some traditional ones (they for example offer the Mapnik and the Cyclemap style), the usual search, routing (I suspect via Google or some other routing service as a standard, because there is a checkbox “switch to OSM”, which makes the functionality less user-friendly), favorite and recently visited places, editing via both JOSM and Potlatch and POI search and easy filtering.

Comparison of Skobbler (top) and Mapnik (bottom) map styles (click to enlarge).

Regarding the map quality I think Skobbler has done many things right and presents a major improvement over the standard OSM map styles: clearer and leaner colour scheme (which orientates itself a bit more towards the ‘industry standard’, I guess), less label clutter, more agreeable line widths (see for example the railway lines or some streets, above), nice choice of font style and capitalisation as well as label placement and repetition (of course, all these things are not completely without flaws).

All in all, a truly attractive OSM map!

(discovered via


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