Dear Reader: This blog has moved its home..

I’ve been blogging at for a bit more than two years now. Recently, I have rebuilt my personal website from scratch. In the process, I decided to move my website and my blog closer together, thus:

Starting from yesterday, this blog has moved its home (and all its content) to The brand new RSS feed is

New posts will be published to only. Please read the first blogpost under the new address here. It’s about the thinking that went into the production of this cartogram linked view:

If you liked this blog on Facebook (thank you!), things will go on as they were, at least for now. I will continue to notify you of new blogposts on Facebook.

The new, self-hosted blog is also built on WordPress. While the content (posts and comments) has been moved, my guess would be that subscriptions (email or WordPress) are probably not. It’d be great if you just re-subscribed, sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you all for your understanding and hope to see you soon over on!


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